Hooligan Penguin Sex

2 penguins having sex

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*** Spoiler Alert ***
if you love penguins, turn back now before it’s too late…

I loooove penguins. What’s not to love? There is something uniquely charming about these wondrous, waddling creatures – whether it’s the reality of March of the Penguins or the animated world of Happy Feet. I used to have a poster up in my office of a disheveled penguin with the notation “Fuck it, I’m going home”. Even he had his charms (my boss did not share that opinion).

However, I’ve come across some penguin information that is nothing short of devastating. Research notes for a 1915 publication by Dr. George Levick have been discovered in the London Natural History Museum, including notations that describe my lovable penguins as depraved hooligans. Say it isn’t so, George!

He goes on to describe thousands of “hooligan” male Adelie penguins copulating with each other or dead females, gang-raping injured females and molesting young chicks. What the fk Happy Feet?? Traumatized by his observations, Continue reading “Hooligan Penguin Sex”