About The Nasty Wench

With a decidedly dark and twisty side, a sarcastic edge and a passion for words – welcome to my world. I’ve been accused of having my own personal chaos magnet – in my shaky defense…nope, I got nothing. My world can best be described as life under the bus.  The official president of my unofficial fan club (shout out to Kilroy) once called me a nasty wench…and it just stuck.  I offer a quick disclaimer – I am not responsible for what happens in my head, it just happens – I find it amusing, you might too.  Feel free to comment, subscribe, share the wenchery…thanks for stopping by, take your time and have a look around while you’re here. (if you comment, you can use whatever name you choose – and your email address won’t show up on the blog)

∼ the nasty wench ∼