Stoned…A Kidney Story

picture of a kidney with a stone it in


Sunday night and I’m bagged, head upstairs, get ready to call this day done.

I’m on the phone debriefing with a crisis responder (I dispatch from home) when “something” happens. I get a twinge in my back which is rapidly getting more painful, maybe I pinched a nerve. Then I’m hit with a wave of nausea and I blurt out that I need to get off the phone. The pain is getting sharper by the second and by the time I make it to my bathroom (ensuite, maybe 8’ away), I collapse in excruciating pain and I think I’m going to pass out.

What the fuck? My son is in the basement but he thinks I’ve gone to bed, he’s on his winter lay off right now, he won’t even realize there might be something amiss until sometime tomorrow afternoon when he realizes my car is still in the driveway. Before I pass out, he should probably be aware that I’m collapsed on the bathroom floor. Continue reading “Stoned…A Kidney Story”