Hillbilly Handfishing

man kneeling beside catfish

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Oh, for fk sake…seriously?!?

I kid you not. I have had a terrible couple of weeks, just got back from my electrolysis appointment (waging battle against morphing into a post-menopausal circus freak, fyi – laser doesn’t work on blonde hair, permanent facial hair removal requires jamming an electrical probe into each follicle individually and frying the crap out of it, repeatedly…because once is not enough, and paying for the privilege…but I digress).

I toss myself onto the couch and catch a glimpse of two things on the television – neither of which makes any sense and zero ability to reconcile the two. Some redneck male is wrestling with a huge catfish in a muddy bog of some sort, cut to a flamingly gay character (not that there’s anything wrong with that) in a cabin setting making over a couple of women …glamming them up in what can only be described as early 80’s chic make up, these are either friends or spouses of the men wrestling the catfish. Don’t get me started.

So I turn to my son and inquire…wtf?? Continue reading “Hillbilly Handfishing”