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The Great Ben Wa Extraction Dilemma

purple ben wa balls placed on a bag

(previously published on www.thenastywench.blogspot.ca, now in its new home on www.thenastywench.com)

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about my Friday night. I am an independent woman with many interests and endeavors…which explains why I am spending my Friday night painting the ceiling in the spare bedroom. And no, before you ask, I am not using Ben Wa balls to spice up my Friday night painting experience – merely setting the scene.  Just when you think that painting a ceiling on a Friday night is about as bad as it can get, the extension handle snaps on a fully loaded extra thick roller above my head. I take a direct hit…hair, ear, face full of paint…leaving me looking very tribal – prepared for clan warfare or a maybe voodoo ritual.

Skip ahead past the clean up.

I roll the last of the ceiling and have about 5 seconds to admire my work when I get the following text “have you ever used Ben Wa balls?” The award for most unique question I’ve been asked in ages goes to… Continue reading