The G Spot Has Officially Been Found…Hiding in Poland

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The G Spot Has Officially Been Found …. Hiding in Poland

After decades of research and debate and mountains of medical journals, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski found the elusive G spot. Finally, a man finds it. No surprise that it’s front page international news and the quickest his research has ever been published.

That’s the good news. The bad news – the woman is 83 and recently deceased…fat lot of good it’s going to do her now. Isn’t that just the way? One can only speculate after a lifetime of rather ordinary, perhaps mundane sex … Continue reading “The G Spot Has Officially Been Found…Hiding in Poland”

Ripped From The Headlines

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Have you ever read a headline and wondered wtf?? Came across a whopper:

“US Man fined $27K after ejaculating in co-worker’s water bottle”

Ummmm…seriously?? I shit you not. Gotta say, as headlines go, it got my attention. Some character in California has been fined (and I am assume fired) for ejaculating into a co-workers water bottle. Buddy needs a new hobby.

I find myself wondering how the detective work played out on that particular investigation. The board room meeting where police are asking for DNA swabs from all male employees. Hmmmmm … are you trying to solve a murder, espionage, some white collar crime?? Nope … just sorting out who’s jacking off in Sally’s water bottle.

Under what circumstances does it occur to someone to jack off in a co-worker’s water bottle? Is this some frustrated Romeo who’s tired of her turning down his sexual advances, no “office” hummer”… Continue reading “Ripped From The Headlines”

Scarred For Life – The Vagina Monologue

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Scarred for Life – The Vagina Monologue

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Some conversations are unpredictable, unavoidable and scarring. The portions of the exchange that I am about to share with you that appear in red are contributions from the voices in my head. I was only ever able to utter one phrase out loud but the voices in my head had a field day with this one.

To set the stage for this particular episode, you need to know who Crash is – Crash is a former coworker who, how shall I put this, had some personal boundary issues. Gets a little too close, unnecessary hugs, a little too enthusiastic about my perfume. Relatively harmless…I think… Continue reading “Scarred For Life – The Vagina Monologue”