Jay Lavery….I am a fan

farmer dancing in barn

Jay Lavery – Dancing Goat Farmer

Just cause it’s Friday…we could all use something a little upbeat  – enter Jay Lavery. I came across this Huffington Post article complete with a video of Jay demonstrating his dance skills while tending the goats on his farm in upstate New York.  It’s dance like nobody’s watching…except for Continue reading “Jay Lavery….I am a fan”

Giraffe Porn

giraffe bent over looking through its legs

Giraffe Porn

You read that correctly, apparently it’s a thing. It must be, the live feed of a giraffe giving birth in a zoo in upstate New York was pulled off You Tube due to complaints from an animal rights group that it was “sexually explicit and contained nudity”. Seriously, I cannot possibly make this up.  Note:  it’s not the conception folks, it’s the birth.

I have no idea what a giraffe is supposed to be wearing while giving birth but clearly some misguided soul took offense to giraffe nudity. I’m going to say someone needs a new hobby, Continue reading “Giraffe Porn”